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My daughter has developed a severe allergy to the mask and has been unsuccessfully treated by 2 doctors. The allergy will not go away unless she stops using the mask. She has been granted an exemption by one of the doctors, but unfortunately she does not want to use the exemption because she's afraid her friends will not play with her. These masks have to go now.

Daughter with Severe Allergy to MaskEtobicoke, ON

As a teacher and parent I see how this has impacted the students and their ability to freedom of movement and fresh air. The lack of seeing a smile on someone’s face or laughter in the air is eliminated from the classroom setting and even the outdoor field for that matter - where it is still mandatory in some schools. For the mental health and well-being of our children please remove these mask mandates.

Teacher and ParentRichmond Hill, ON

An 8 year old child with depression who hates school because of masks, who acts out daily because of masks and who wants to "move to a better country" are things a child should not be feeling or saying! This needs to stop already! Please I'm begging you for the future of my children make it brighter not darker.

Depressed 8 yr old Wants to Leave CanadaSt. Catharines, ON

Masks are harmful especially when your child suffers from asthma and anxiety. My child has been discriminated against at her school by her fellow classmates, teachers and other staff when she takes it off regardless of her mask exemption. We will be pulling her out this school next year.

Daughter with Asthma and AnxietyMississauga, ON

One of my kids has a learning disability and has been massively affected - anxiety is high and learning gap is widening. Please unmask our kids!!!!!

Parent of Child with Learning DisabilitiesToronto, ON

My daughter has asthma and ever since mask wearing began I have had to increase her use of corticosteroids inhalers so that she can keep her attacks under control.

Daughter with AsthmaToronto, ON